Xidian Media Lab was founded in April 2015 by Prof. Cheolkon Jung, and is investigating various topics in multimedia signal processing and communications. Current research activities of the lab include: (1) Deep learning for machine intelligence, (2) Stereoscopic 3D video processing, (3) Multimedia annotation, retrieval, and forensics, (4) Image super-resolution, (5) Computational photography, and (6) Perceptual video coding and H.265. In recent five years, the lab has achieved technical breakthroughs in content creation, coding/decoding, and visualization of advanced visual media such as ultra-high definition (UHD), high dynamic range (HDR) and stereoscopic 3D (S3D) videos.

                        For contributions to the international collaborations and standardizations, the lab was authorized by Shaanxi Provincial Government, China as International Cooperation Base (International Center for Advanced Digital Media Research) in 2016, and the Institute of Information and Communication Technology Promotion (IITP), Korea as Global ICT Talent Fostering Institution in 2019. Currently, there are 4 full-time faculties, 1 post-doctoral researcher, 3 international exchange students, 7 PhD students, 35 master students, and 2 managing staffs in the lab. The alumni of the lab include 5 PhDs (1 international exchange PhD) and 43 masters.

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                        We are looking for new members: full-time faculties (all levels),
                        graduate students and post-doctoral researchers.

                        Latest News

                        (2023-4-4) 鄭喆坤團隊榮獲“OPPO知識產權部優秀合作伙伴”

                        (2022-1-27) 西電科研平臺在陜西省國合基地評估中獲優

                        (2020-12-5) 孫天博士獲IEEE VCIP 2020 - Grand Challenge Award (Amazing Grace)

                        (2019-6-5) 西電媒體實驗室入選"全球性ICT人才培養單位"

                        (2019-1-2) 蘇浩楠博士加入西電媒體實驗室

                        (2018-11-27) 西電媒體實驗室建設的學科和科研平臺:
                        1.學科: 新數字媒體與通信技術
                        2.平臺: 陜西省新一代數字媒體國際合作基地

                        (2018-6-15) 柯鵬碩士獲第四屆“工程碩士實習實踐優秀成果獲得者”榮譽

                        (2018-3-15) 劉怡博士加入西電媒體實驗室



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